3 new Gmail features you need to know about

Gmail, which provides extra-large storage capacity for users, launched on the 1st of April, 2004. After 15 years of continuous development, the email provider is about to release new features to increase user-experience and move towards dynamic emailing. In order to that, some earlier features included grouping and labeling emails. Let’s see the latest features that Gmail released on its 15thbirthday.

Smart Compose

Smart Compose was introduced at the Developers Conference in 2018 and it is about to ease users life. Smart Compose guarantees faster emailing by remarking the frequently used phrases and offering them as a potential ending, so we don’t have to type them again. The feature uses the texts we have written before. The new feature continuously improves and “teaches” itself to be “smarter”, so that at the end we will only have to type a few words. A serious challenge was the extent of Gmail. 1.4 million people use Gmail daily, so that to track everybody’s emailing a sufficient modeling storage capacity is required. Smart Compose came out a few weeks ago for Android and expected to launch on IOS soon.

Delay Send

The awaited feature makes it possible to schedule the email sending as we would like to. This time it is not a Google Chrome plugin but the own development of Gmail. There is no need to get up so early or go to bed so late in order to send an email. With this step Gmail helps us to manage our emailing more comfortable. It is easy to use. We just have to click on the arrow next to ‘Send’ and a calendar or some predefined dates appear immediately, from where we can easily choose the date when we would like to send the email.

Dynamic emails

The whole world is moving forward to dynamic and interactive contents and applications. With this feature Gmail would like to make emailing more interactive. Now we can browse catalogues, fill out questionnaires and accept invitations without leaving our inbox. There is no need to open a new tab, and then click on a link that will open another tab. With this feature we can manage these things simply and quickly. Dynamic emails are safeguarded by best-in-class privacy and security protections.To increase security Gmail reviews the ones who would like to send a dynamic email, and allows the user to use the feature only if everything is ok. Mobile support of these features is coming soon.

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