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The Best Gmail Add-ons

Would you like to be more productive? Read our recommendation for the best 15 Gmail extensions!

Use Gmail as you have never had before!


Business performance indicators you have never heard about

What attitudes of business mailing describe the Hungarian SME  sector?  Learn more from our report based on research with more than 300 Hungarian SMEs.


A ‘sorry’ is not always enough. Why is complaint management important?

Every companies strategy can lean on the positive feedbacks that the satisfied customerswrite. But what about those who are not entirely satisfied? What is the effect of these reviewson our company?


The best employee benefits in the world

There are businesses that enchant their employees with personalized benefits. Sabbatical? 4-day work week? Personel office?


The 6 best tips to build employee commitment

Nowadays one of the biggest challenge for a business is to build employee commitment. These workers can perform 25% better on average. Check out how to achieve that!


How much time do we have to answer an email?

30% of customers expect an answer letter in less than an hour. What is the standard answering time and how is it possible to build a strong competitive edge with the help of it?


How many hours do you work? Effective time management for leaders

How can you get twice as much work done in half a time? What is the reason why people schedule only 50-60% of their time? How can you categorize your tasks? What is the key to the Chamber the Secrets?


The 5 Most Famous Computer Viruses of All Time

There was a computer virus which could have been found on every 10th computer in the world. Check out the 5 most destructive viruses of all time!


Bomb-proof defense against hackers

Most users choose a password that can be cracked in less than a minute. Let's see the most common mistakes and the methods hackers use to steal from users!


In-house email server VS Cloud-based service

What are the pros and cons of these two? Which one is the best for your business? Check out our post to see the differences.


3 new Gmail features

you need to know about

It has been 15 years since Gmail is out. For its birthday came out with some brand new features that you can easily try today! 


Gmail for a business account? Why NOT!?

Several domestic companies use a free email provider. Let’s see the drawbacks of using Gmail as a business email!

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