Bomb-proof defense against hackers

The password manager application developer firm Splashdata releases an annual list of the most popular passwords of the year. The firm analyzed more than 5 million passwords and it came out that users are not so conscious in the matter of selecting their password. The firm rather than using its own database to create the list uses the passwords of cracked accounts that have been leaked out to the Internet. For many years the first prize goes to the same character combination. Here are the top 3 of 2018:

              #3. 123456789

              #2. password

              #1. 123456

You can check out the top 100 list here. It is clear from the data that users are not afraid of potential security attacks; they simply type the most comfortable letter combination that comes into their mind and that fulfills the requirements of the filters. But as easy it is to figure out a common password, it is to crack it. Just imagine that you use such a simple password for your bank account. How long should it take to log in someone’s account and transfer his savings?  It is just a matter of seconds. It must come to our mind that what is the perfect, uncrackable password like? Does it contain lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers or unique characters?

Let’s see first how strong your password is

There is a webpage that calculates the estimated cracking time of the given character combination. Elefánt as a password would take about 2 hours to be cracked, which is actually not bad. But if we type #Elefánt1 instead the estimated cracking time would rise to 94 years.

Let’s see first how strong your password is

Brute force

Hackers try out every possible password combination. This is the oldest and most time-consuming method. It will be successful, but it depends on the password that how much time it will take. As the cracking algorithm operates based on possible combinations, it is really important for our password to contain various characters, if we want to keep our account safe.

Dictionary attack

There is a prearranged list given by the hacker and the algorithm tries all of the words one by one. These attacks often succeed because many people choose ordinary words or common passwords.

Psychological manipulation based attack

Hackers act as an employee of a company and they get in touch with us themselves. They usually ask their victims to reveal their password because it is necessary for fixing an error. And this is only one example out of many. With this method, the hacker gets the password of our account directly from us. If he checks the user thoroughly he can do the attack as quick as lightning.

How can you become a victim of a hacker?

You use the same password for the majority of your accounts

Most users (maybe you too) use the same password for all of their account. This is an easy catch for a hacker, especially if the user protects a lot of bank accounts with the same character combination. So remember to use various passwords on different platforms!

You use dictionary words

We already mentioned the dictionary attacks. In this case every word that can be found in a dictionary is in danger. It is important to use special characters in order to avoid these kinds of attacks.

Too simple character combination

The shorter it is the sooner the algorithm will find it. A password must contain several special characters, numbers, lower and uppercase letters, and at least 8-12 characters.

You never change your password

Every now and then it’s worth revising your password. According to experts you should change it every 30-90 days to achieve the utmost protection.

You often use public networks

If the data traffic between the router and the connected devices is not properly encrypted than it may be a real goldmine for hackers. They can see our total data traffic, the visited websites, the title and the time of visiting them. And it is only one step away from our password.. So never arrange banking or other important transactions when you are connected to public wifi.

To sum up we must be careful when choosing a password, it is advisable to check it out at the mentioned webpage and comply with the rules of creating a strong password. It is important to know the techniques hackers may use to steal our data. Because a perfect password is surely existing. It may be not easy to remember but it can keep our accounts totally safe.

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