Gmail for a business account? Why NOT!?

There are lots of free possibilities to create a corporate mailing. Typically these are personal email accounts. Creating a free email account is supported by most email providers and we can use this account for the corporate mailing. If we think about doing something similar, the best choice is the free system of Gmail; it worth applying it because it provides a lot more free services compared to other free of charge providers (e.g. Google Drive, Office tools, Analytics, Ads, Search Console).


What does your brand represent? Whatever positive qualities it covers, your customers, your future partners, and your investors will never take a business email address seriously if it finishes with GMAIL.COM. BUT WHY? The free solutions and the low-budget projects send the message to customers, that

  • ’We would like to have a big profit with low efforts’

  • ’We are not familiar with information technology’

  • ’Our business is too young and small’

  • ’We are planning for a short term with our business or we are not sure about, that we can make it’

If a potential investor or a customer notices only one of these, he will immediately switch to one of our competitors. Google Custom Domain.

This service of Google has some costs, but here we have the opportunity to use an email address that has a customized ending instead of Practically it is best to present the name of the webpage. E.g.: It is important not to go to extreme, i.e. steering clear of repetition: The system has the appropriate security protocol, which makes it possible for everyone to send personal data for the company. is the other popular service between businesses. Currently, companies can only access Outlook as part of the Office 365 program pack, because the provider suspended the Business Premium service.

So we can create a perfect business email address with Google Custom Domain. At this point, we can have one single problem. It is that we created only one address for the whole business. What is the problem with that? When more than one employee uses the same email account (which is quite often) there is the threat that the opened but not replied emails will get lost between hundreds of emails.

Just imagine the replies we are waiting for in the month, that could influence our business dramatically (e.g. an investment offer, a new customer, a perfect applicant for a position…etc) and these letters will fade into the bulk of emails that haven’t been replied. A further problem is that the system can put emails together in only one single email address. To sum up, Gmail can ease the emailing of the business to a certain degree, for employees, and for leaders too. Putting together all the emails that belong to a certain topic and a certain customer makes the communication more transparent.

But it is a different situation when more employees use the same email account, which is common in smaller firms. This is when it happens that a colleague opens an email, drinks his morning coffee, has a phone call, and the other colleagues will never care about the opened email, because they think it is replied.

This is the situation that the team leader of Easy Go To USA Llc. mentioned, that we presented on a case study.

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