How many hours do you work? Effective time management for leaders

Corporate goals can’t be achieved without using time efficiently. Time is of the biggest competitive advantage that we can acquire without increased costs. Really precise companies use well-detailed Time management that eases the life of leaders and employees too. We can learn these tricks from various sources (books, courses, training) and here I am to give you some advice in order to save money.

Filter out the confusing factors!

Concentrate only on your task! Your thought can’t be diverted by inappropriate things. You have to focus on your task to be done. To be effective you have to stop multitasking (doing more than one thing at the same time) because it is likely to have a negative effect on your work.

Use the 2-minute rule!

If it only takes a minute to decide that a task only take two minutes then you should do it right away. David Allen conducted several pieces of research in the field of time management and he suggests that such tasks that take only 2 minutes are must be done. Not because they are ready so quickly but because this way we can avoid frustration during bigger tasks. This lets us concentrate on bigger tasks.

Make a difference between important and urgent tasks!

The Eisenhower matrix will help you to perfectly categorize your tasks. You can clearly classify if a job is:​​

  • urgent-important

  • not urgent-important

  • urgent-not important

  • not urgent-not important

The first line of the matrix is the most important because these are the tasks that influence the core activity of the company. Tasks that are not important but urgent can be delegated to people whose schedule is more flexible. If a task is not urgent and important you should get rid of it!

Use your calendar WELL!

Most of us only write bigger events in our calendars that would be forgotten in the bulk of smaller tasks. Mistake! You have to write in EVERYTHING, because if you see some space between bigger tasks you will take it as free time, and several little tasks will not be done. You have to write your calendar systematically because a small task can mess up, but more importantly, can HAMPER the accurate completion of urgent and important tasks.

Schedule weekly meetings!

Arrange a meeting at least weekly, so everybody will be aware of the tasks that they should do. Discuss the things you settled at the week, and the issues that are waiting for you in the future. It is important to see the process of the tasks thoroughly and be aware of the solved and unsolved issues.

Reward your employees!

Motivate your colleagues who help you to achieve the goals. Everyone can be motivated but in different ways. Sometimes praise, incentive or tribute is enough, but sometimes you will need more. Generate desire in them so they can jump into work with enthusiasm. Show them the goal to achieve and the reward what they will have if they accomplish it.

Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours!

In order to have everything smoothly at work, it is essential to sleep well. At least 8 hours is the time which is enough for our brain to be well-rested for the everyday challenges. Coffee will not replace a well-rested status. We can feel fresh for some hours due to caffeine but it is not a real solution for brain activity.

Use IT solutions!

There are a lot of innovations in the field of corporate governance to help businesses save time and to help them build a competitive edge. Most people spend hours in a day dealing with business emails. But why that much? It takes a lot of time to see the account list thoroughly and to answer every single email. Anvert offers a solution to this problem. The application is easy to use. it can be learned quickly and a company of all sizes can save some expenses by using it.

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