The best employee benefits in the world

We have heard about several companies that devote much attention to their employees’ convenience. Year by year several researches come out about the best workplaces of the world. The ranking is not only based on the amount of the salary but employee satisfaction too. These are the means by which a company contributes to the ‘comfort’ of its employees. In Hungary SZÉP card is the most popular fringe benefit, but several foreign companies use different forms of benefits. They take the adage seriously that employees are the heart of the company.

Are YOU thinking green?

The Swiss insurance company Swiss Re established a strategy to slow down climate change. The company invests in businesses working with renewable energy and conveys these values to its employees. As a company benefit, it buys bicycles for its employees and covers all expenses of public transport.

Unlimited vacation days? It exists!

The employees of Netflix have no limits on their vacation days. It they feel exhausted or if they can’t do their everyday working routine as always then they simply go on holiday. The company implemented this initiative in 2004 and since then it’s revenue increased by millions of dollars. According to their researches, they found out that if an employee can work in the right team and if the company provides the benefits that make its workers happy, then nobody will want to have a longer vacation.

Concentrated work = Long weekend

Several businesses use 4-day work weeks as a ‘benefit’ for their workers. The purpose of this initiative is to work more effectively rather than longer. Work weeks with one day less can increase the performance of employees but not because of the extra free time. Increased performance is due to the results of more concentrated work. Several researches confirmed that 4 days of intense work results in a better performance than the traditional 5-day work weeks.

Don't feel inspired? Take a sabbatical!

In some leading positions burn-out is a common phenomenon, so if an employee feels that he needs to relax several companies ensure a sabbatical beside the vacation days. The ones who work in higher positions coordinate the processes of the business so no company can afford a mistake at this level.

Do you want a slice from the firm?

Workers feel completely happy if they can be financially independent. Some companies contribute to the satisfaction of their employees by offering favorable investment funds (e.g. common shares) or pension and life insurance.

Chores ended forever!

Google has a dedicated team to do the housework of its employees. Cleaning up, shopping, administrative tasks and more can be delegated to this team. On a single day, they save hours for the employees so they only have to relax after working hours.

Weekly business party!

Google doesn’t get the ‘best place to work’ prize from year to year by chance. They always come up with an initiative that is unique in the world. Every Friday they organize an all-you-can-eat business party for their employees.

Personal office for a career entrant? Of course!

The American company Asana ensures a personal office for every new employee that they can customize from a limited budget. After they are furnished these offices are copmletely comfortable. This is how the company motivates its employees to spend more time at work.

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