The 6 best tips to build employee commitment

From year to year, HR departments have to answer a serious question: how to offer a constant employee pleasure? The future of businesses’ and their stability, in the long run, depends on their employees. A process can be mechanized but human labor will always be required. Some years ago applicants stood in lines to gain the best positions of a company, now this has completely changed. Companies are the ones who have to worry about finding the required amount of skilled potential workers.

What is the effect of committed employees?

  • They generate 40% more revenue for the business

  • They make 35% less employee turnover

  • Committed employees perform 25% better on average

  • The value of the product or service they created is growing

How can we increase commitment?

1. Challenging, various tasks

75% of employees desire to create something memorable in his workplace. We have to give them tasks that use their qualifications, that are vital for the business and where they can develop. The dull and boring work will decrease the enthusiasm of employees even if the task itself is important. The possibility of development is a motivation for most people. Therefore they can see clearly the way they have been through and the heights they can reach.

2. A boss or a leader?

These two are as different as chalk and cheese, and from the employees’ point of view, the most important thing is that who supervises their work. We can read tons of comparative analyses because the two expressions describe positive and negative superordinates. One of the most importing criteria regarding the leader is that the employee:

  • can look up on him

  • respects him

  • acknowledges his professionalism

  • has a good relationship with him

For the leader, it is essential to send positive feedbacks and support his employees. A lot of research disclosed the fact that finding a leader nowadays is not complicated, but finding a really good one is nearly impossible. In such cases, companies expect qualities that refer to a person’s high emotional intelligence rather than expertise.

3. Appropriate motivation

How can you make the most out of reviews?

Keeping someone motivated depends on the person. So it’s important to detect the motivating factors for every employee. In these cases, the leader-employee relationship plays a major role too. It’s a good idea to separate our workers into subordinates and leaders. The two segments may have different needs in this field. Motivation factors can be:​​​

  • work environment

  • financial benefits

  • career possibilities

  • acknowledging employees

  • raising free time

  • home office opportunity

Financial benefits are more important for subordinates because nowadays leaders cannot be motivated with money. Free time and increased flexibility are more important for them, especially if he is a family man. 

4. Right of decision making

Some psychological researches pointed out that sometimes it is enough to broaden the possibilities of people a little bit, and this can result in significant changes. In some tasks, having the right to make the decision is the point that makes an employee feel important at the company. People would like to feel that they are really the participants of the business and the community they work for day by day. So feel free to involve your employees in decision making, ask about their opinion and ask their own thoughts about the project.

5. Business goals

Every worker has its own task, with which they can help the company to achieve its goals. It is essential for them to see these goals clearly and work together as a team for success. So basically we have to provide a vision for our employee that makes them feel involved and moves them.

6. Good trainings

Based on what we mentioned earlier our employees will feel committed if we give them challenging tasks, but this requires properly qualified employees. Participating in training will improve their skills, which they can count as a personal success because they can step on a higher level. This will make them feel respected, and they will be more likely involved in decision making. As we can see one step is based on another one so it worth getting through this process and we should find the best instrument to increase every employees’ commitment.

We can often read about the countries’ or even the worlds’ best workplaces. Companies started to recognize the competitive edge and potential in employee commitment. Therefore they try to bring out the best from of their employees and find ways to motivate them to be loyal. Companies must adapt to their employee’s needs.

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